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With an internet presence I get my fair share of spam, hoaxes, and scams. Every once and a while something will fall through my spam filter's cracks. The latest is this one. This is the email message that went with the picture:

my name is ___name___. I register in this internet place look your description and deside to write you, I think you are nice man and may be our aquaintance will be interesting...Please sorry for my not so good English. So how I am in this site, I was born in Moscow, Russia, study there, and my parents there, now I live in Armenia here in my grandfathers home Armenia is former Soviet Union country near Russia...I deside find my love, and person who will be my future husband and friend of heart,life partner and true loven its not easy find that man in here because most of not family oriented...I can use internet in cafe near our home here:) little about me I am ___age___ years old my height 170cm,weight 50kg. My specialization is medical doctor, I like reading very much, cooking,go to pikniks, play piano and many other things, more about me I will tell you later if you write me...The reason that I write you now that I want find person who can be near me all life who can be good lifepartner, and who realy serious oriented, the seriousnes, tendernes,kindness, and inner beauty of man first important for me. I deside look man of my life in USA because in Russia very hard to find serious family oriented man...please if you answer write me little about you, your life, your ideals...I write you my direct email address where you can write me is: ___email___ I will try to check my e-mail ofen if you write I write you more and send you more of my pics... I will try come internet cafe as ofen as I can...So I think this is enough for first mail, again sorry for my English I have no practice its all knowlege which I get in school,I will wait your letter
yours ___name___.

I have received more than this letter - just replace ___name,age,email___ with something different. Everything else - even down to the spelling was the same.

Link of links for Russian dating scams American women are better anyways.

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