Jason Whiteman
Jason Whiteman

This is Jason Whiteman's space to post anything personal or unrelated to music.

Every once and a while, I scan the net for my name to see what the net thinks about me. These are my latest findings (April, 2005):

First, this is an article I wrote in highschool on ESP. Somehow it got published on the net. Some places even say it's a good article. Hope my teacher agreed and gave me at least a "C". Report is here. This is a better source that looks more like the original: Click here

Next is an article in the Bryan Eagle. It talks about the latest CD release from one of the bands I'm in. Go here to read it.

This is just an old web site still around for a college band I played in. And you could go here to see what that's all about.

Okay, this one is lame - but who am I to censor? Here's a post I made on a BBS back in the dark ages. You have to search for "Jason Whiteman" once you get there.If you're a nerd, click here.

This one doesn't really count since it's not about me. There are lots of guys with my same name. Even one in Houston (he's an actor). Anyways, go to the search engines and type "Lauren2993@aol.com". You'll find a story that has my name in it. It's not even worth linking to it here.

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