Friday, August 05, 2005

19th Hole Blues Jam

Every Thursday night starting at around 9:30pm, the 19th Hole in the Woodlands hosts a blues jam. A little over a week ago - July 28th - I showed up for the first time after being invited quite some time before.

I'm glad I did - the house band not only showcased some great local talent, but was also a group of really cool musicians who made me feel very welcome for my first outing there. I was told I could jump up on stage at any time. Also, they were very considerate of my horns and keeping them safe from the heavy traffic that goes with the territory of shuffling musicians.

I played a few "warm up" tunes with different groups. Then, a couple of guys from Austin started playing a more jazz influenced non-vocal tune. I picked up my tenor and joined in. It was fun to stretch out a little.

The last tune of the night featured an incredible blues vocalist. I don't have her name - but she's a "regular" at the 19th Hole. Her stage presence is outstanding. Her vocals are spot on and vocal improvisation (both lyrically, and musically) is impressive. I had to join and lay down some tenor over this.

I was happy with my solo - then the guitarist and I broke into a call/response thing (trading fours). He would play a line, and then I would play a similar line. Anyways, after going back and forth for a little while we switched to playing the same line in harmony. Finally, he surged into a guitar solo.

The audience response was great. Thanks to everyone at the 19th Hole for making me feel at home. The staff, audience, and musicians are a great bunch. Since this runs every Thursday, I'm looking forward to my next opportunity to share the 19th Hole stage.


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