Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Steely Dan Cover Band - Debut!

Hello again. Last Saturday, the Steely Dan cover band played at Al's Sports Bar off of Westheimer. The show started with a few delays due to the amount of time 3 bands take to setup all their equipment and get the sound hooked up. Once we got the green light, the band really took off. The audience was great! I saw lots of smiles, head bobbing, and folks singing along to these Steely Dan tunes. Even the more obscure ones. Personally, I was very pleased with the entire show. Even though I couldn't really hear what I needed to (no decent monitor for the keyboard or sax), I think everything still sounded A-OK out there in the audience.

Many thanks to everyone who came to see the show. I look forward to the next gig with this group. None are currently scheduled, but our first showing did generate a "buzz".

Check out the link to the Steely Dan cover band on this page or surf to: http://luckless.5u.com

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If anyone wants to sign up for our mailing list (Steely Dan), just leave a comment!



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